Science-Based Adjunct Asthma Management Protocol

When You Cannot Reliably Control Asthma...

I Offer Effective Protocol to Improve Asthma Management!

If you suffer from Asthma and/or COPD, if every step is hard and the future is pitiful, I offer you my services and my "KNOW YOURSELF" Protocol to become happy and alive again!

  1. Achieve a better control over your Asthma and/or COPD disease without introduction of additional expensive treatments or medications
  2. Increase your Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1) up to 4% a month* without introduction of new medications
  3. Improve your stamina and overall quality of life

*Estimate is based on the best outcomes received up to date. Individual results may vary depending on the level of compliance with Protocol recommendations.

Larissa Gourevitch, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Canada) and Certified Dietary Supplement Professional (USA)

My name is Larissa Gourevitch. I am Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ (Canada) and Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ (USA). I want to bring you back to normal life!

How will I help you?

As a Nutritionist, I devised "KNOW YOURSELF" Nutritional Protocol using the latest scientific achievements to improve lung disease management with non-pharmacological tools. Small changes in your diet and lifestyle may have HUGE impact on your respiratory health and overall wellbeing!

I use the proven methods of non-pharmacological disease management offered by modern Nutritional science. The Protocol got industry approval when presented at the HEALCON-2023 conference!


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