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This document describes privacy policy we employ. We will never, ever sell your data!

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I represent a group of Alternative Medicine professionals and Nutritionists who believe that alternative medicine is a powerful tool if backed by modern science and research. To help me in management a complex case of asthma accompanied by MCAS, rheumatoid arthritis, and food intolerances, my team tried different approaches and protocols. This site presents you the BEST outcomes of our search that led to outstanding results.

How we work

Meet online, service off-line!

The best protection of privacy is not to store your data online, and we don't do it. After initial introduction, we completely take everything off-line.

Besides, I do not sell tests for the companies that do not accompany their services with Nutritionist consultations. Sorry no sorry. The risk is that you may draw incorrect conclusions from the test outcomes. Actually, with the test methodologies at the cutting edge of nutritional and genetic science, test results are quite complicated and may seem incomprehensible. Even with all education and background we have, it was a challenging task for us to understand the methodologies, and earn permission from the companies to sell their tests to general public.

When you decide which tests you would like to have, we provide you with 2 30-minute Nutritionists consultations, one on intake and anther as a follow-up. We may even schedule third consultation, couple months from the test, to see how you are doing and provide help as needed. This is all FREE for you!

This approach ensues that you are happy with outcomes, and the most important, achieve an improvement of your quality of life!


We will automatically put cookies on your device to improve website operation. This information will also be used to prevent fraud and abuse, to keep our services secure, and to ensure further development of our services. We will not link this information to any personally identifiable information that you may submit online or offline.

At the point of registration or any time later on, you may opt out of any future communication with us, and we absolutely understand that.

Who we share your data with

We absolutely DO NOT share or resell your data.

Providers will need to identify your tests by your name though. Rest assured, providers we selected do work on the same principle.

However if you choose, your tests will be stored by the providers under the coded names and this is totally OK with us.

Intended use Policy/Service Disclaimer

Our consultations do not replace conventional doctor's advice, or treatment, or legal advice. The recommendations we provide are derived from statistical analysis and best practices, and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Due to privacy concerns and the insecure nature of email, please do not send medical, insurance, or financial information via email.


1. Recommendations provided by this site are derived from scientific research and statistical analysis, and are for educational purposes only.

2. The client is advised to always seek the help of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions they may have regarding a medical condition. We suggest to never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something read on this site.

3. Viewing this site, obtaining access to the tools and information contained on this site, or the transmission of information from or to this site does not constitute a physician-patient or attorney-client relationship.


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