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Product Descriptions
Asthma: Food Intolerance Connection (Food Intolerance BioMetaTest by Daphne Lab®)

Exclusively available through Fresh Start Testing.

Analysis of Food Tolerances and Intolerances (allergies cannot be detected).

Turnaround: 2 weeks



  • Includes: 74 Page Detailed Report; 5 Page Summary Report
  • 1,100+ food items, including about 300 North-American/Canadian foods, are analyzed

BioMetaTests take into account individual nutritional profile, i.e. diet and pharmaceuticals, and assess for Food Intolerances that root in metabolism.

Test results include identification of individual food Tolerance, and recommendations regarding foods that should be eliminated for 60-90 days in the case of Intolerance. No more trial and error with elimination diet!

We suggest you use THEMA™ 01 – BIOENERGETIC ANALYSIS OF NUTRITIONAL INTOLERANCES test as the most cost-effective tool.

Please note:

  1. No specific nutrient sensitivity (i.e. gluten) is assessed.
  2. BioMetaTests do not address idiosyncratic and anaphylactic Food Intolerances.

Asthma: Nutrient Levels Connection (by Nutri-IQ)

Analysis of nutrient deficiency and other related problems through everyday symptoms

Turnaround: immediate results


Nutritional Balance Assessment

  • Includes: Detailed Report as a roadmap to recovery
  • Assesses homeostasis of 30 essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals) based on everyday subtle symptoms

The easiest and the most cost-effective way to identify essential nutrient deficiency. This test assesses homeostasis of 30 essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals) based on everyday subtle symptoms.

Test report lists nutrients which may be supplemented, and delicious foods that contain these nutrients. Combined with the report from Daphne Lab’s THEMA™ 01, this test gives a perfect roadmap to recovery.

The test is completely virtual and does not require specimen collection.

Asthma: Epigenetic Connection (Personalized Nutrition with Nutrigenomix)

Analysis of DNA-based nutrient intolerance (foodstuff intolerance cannot be detected)

Turnaround: 2 weeks


77 Gene Test - Report & Hormone and Methylation Panel

  • Includes: 50 Page Detailed Report
  • Analysis of 77 genes and more than double polymorphisms
  • Analysis of markers that affect the function of enzymes, especially involved in DNA methylation, metabolism of important hormones such as estrogen and androgens, and detoxification of their by-products
  • Insights into methylations and asthma specifics (MTHFR, COMT, GST, NOS3 genes)
  • Insights into nutrient metabolism, food intolerances and sensitivities
  • DNA-based dietary recommendations for nutrient intolerances and metabolism, weight management, risk analysis, and cardiometabolic health
  • Information on DNA-based eating habits, injury risk and response to physical activity

Discover how nutrients affect your body’s gene expressions, and understand genetic variations that make you prone to have specific nutrient sensitivities, like gluten, lactose, or certain minerals. No specific food sensitivity (i.e. to Havarti cheese or strawberries) is identified.

The test is backed by the extensive nutrigenomics research conducted by Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy and his team at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Google search brings in almost 500 Dr. El-Sohemy publications!

Asthma: Pharmacogenetics Connection (Personalized Medications with Nutrigenomix)

40 genes tested for SNPs altering 700 generic drugs response. Test results indicate drug response prediction based on genotype, haplotype, phenotype, or presence of mutation.


Pharmacogenetics Panel

  • Includes: 39 Page Detailed Report
  • Analysis of 40 genes and 200 polymorphisms
  • Analysis of drug effectiveness, possible allergy, possible toxicity, and drug interactions with currently taken medications

Discover how genetic profile may affect desirable reaction to certain drugs and reveal problematic medications. Check if your drugs can be analyzed! Enter the generic drug name or class here:

The test is backed by the extensive nutrigenomics research conducted by Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy and his team at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Google search brings in almost 500 Dr. El-Sohemy publications!

Other tests and Discounted Bundles are available

Ordering several tests can provide better assurance, clearer answers, and significant discounts. To address your personal concerns, we can suggest other tests from the same great vendors (for example, we can help in assessment of gut flora or in establishing possible heavy metal poisoning).

We offer $50 service discount for each additional test ordered.

Contact us to discuss test types and bundles!

Service Q&A
Q: I don't know any of the tests you suggest. Where can I start?

You may read more about the test providers using the links on the site. Or, you can contact us. We will have a quick chat about your needs, and how we can help you. This is absolutely FREE!

Q: I am not fluent in English. What languages do you speak?

No problem, we can speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian!

Q: What geographic areas you serve?

We serve all over the globe! As long as you have mail service in your area to receive a test kit 🙂 Though only in Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada) we provide the "white glove" test kit delivery right into your hands.

Q: How do you provide the consultations?

We do that virtually.

Q: How do we start and proceed?

The explanation is a bit lengthy... I hope here's as many details as you need to make you comfortable and know what you can expect from working with me.

  1. You make the first step and contact me: over the phone (1-877-549-1525) or send me an email to We have a quick FREE chat so I can understand your needs better. I will send you additional information if needed.
  2. Afterwards, you will be able to select services you need to improve your condition, and confirm that to me.
  3. I will send you invoice for the services you ordering, in the currency requested by the test provider according to your location. They all request pre-payment before shipping the test kits and prepaid envelopes for the test samples. As soon as you pay for it, the test provider will dispatch the test kit to your address.
  4. While expecting the test kit, to better understand your situation I will ask you to use couple of questionnaires .
  5. Don't worry - if you are not comfortable filling online questionnaires, we'll meet in person and I will collect all information I need to help you. I will also collect from you all the data required by the test provider. Ex: weight, height, age, medications, dietary preferences, comorbidities, health goals etc. In addition, we will pre-review your diet to figure out what you would be willing to change.
  6. You will receive the test kit and send it back to the test provider with the samples (i.e. hair) required.
  7. I hope you'll find time and get a hand-held spirometer (a little device that measures your lung parameters) to monitor your progress. Most insurance plans would be able to pay for it.
  8. I will receive the test report and forward it to you.
  9. We will make an appointment to discuss test report. It usually runs over 90 minutes as I need additional information depending on your goals. In the end of the appointment, I need you to have a clear understanding of what's required to SIGNIFICANTLY improve your health.
  10. You will make changes we agreed upon. In about a month, I will expect from you the data you recorded from your little spirometer (and I also will expect you to be extremely proud about you progress)!
Q: How long the process takes?

From the first call to the test report, it will take about 3 weeks, depending on your locations.

  • 1 week - to receive test kit. If you are close to me (Ontario, Canada) I will be able to hand-deliver the test kit to you, and it will make the process faster.
  • 2 weeks - to dispatch the test sample (hair for example) in pre-paid postage, and receive the test report
Q: When should I pay?

We require full prepayment before the start. Our test providers need full prepayment before the test kits are shipped to you. But don't worry - initial chat is absolutely FREE!

Q: How do I pay?

You will get an invoice that can be paid by Credit Card, Apple/Google Pay, or PayPal according to your choice.

Q: The test price does not include currency. Why?

Our test providers are located all over the world, so we have the following agreement with them (and with Canada Revenue Agency):

  1. If you are located in Canada, all prices are in Canadian Dollars + 13% tax
  2. If you are located outside of Canada, for example in the USA or anywhere else in the world, the price is in the US dollars. Your test also may be adjusted to reflect local specifics (i.e. Australian-specific foods).
Q: What is included in the service price?

Service price covers price of the test, with shipping and handling. The price does not include taxes that vary depending on your locations (if you are in Canada, you will need to pay Canadian taxes on the service provided).

You will also get 2 FREE nutritionist consultations (intake and follow-up), 90 minutes in total. This is $150 value of service that you are getting FREE.

Since I understand your pain and want you to succeed, I will spend as long as it is needed with you during the intake session to make sure we address all the factors. And I will also spend as long as it is needed during the follow-up consultation. I also will be glad to answer your short questions over email.

However, if afterwards you decide to work with me to get Nutritionist services, the standard rate will apply ($100/hour)

Q: I have questions about nutrition. Can I contact you!

Absolutely! Will be glad to help.

Q: I was told that my Asthma and/or COPD is a condition difficult to manage, and I still have them poorly controlled. How can you be so sure you can help me?

Poorly controlled asthma means one of 3 things:

  1. the treatment plan is just wrong
  2. there are external factors that were not addressed in your treatment plan
  3. the patient does not understand and/or is not complaint with the recommendations (i.e. smoking cessation was suggested but not implemented).

If I think that there is something wrong with your treatment plan, I will tell you that. However, we work under assumption that your condition is followed by a medical professional, and any concerns about treatment plan will be referred to them. In this case, we may hit a "Pause" until your treatment plan is adjusted.

If your treatment plan is reasonable, I am 100% sure that you and I can figure out those unidentified factors, and deal with them accordingly. Asthma and COPD are complex conditions, but any right step towards improvement of your health counts.

However, your compliance is up to you. For example, if you still prefer to smoke, or do not want to make suggested dietary changes, THERE IS NO CHANCE TO SUCCEED.


1. Recommendations provided by this site are derived from scientific research and statistical analysis, and are for educational purposes only.

2. The client is advised to always seek the help of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions they may have regarding a medical condition. We suggest to never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something read on this site.

3. Viewing this site, obtaining access to the tools and information contained on this site, or the transmission of information from or to this site does not constitute a physician-patient or attorney-client relationship.


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