Effective Asthma Management:

3 Steps to Better Control

Trying to control asthma effectively?

You do everything right,

You eat "right" foods,

You take handfuls of "golden standard" medical drugs,

You gobble "great" supplements,

But you still feel miserable and your disease is poorly controlled.

To get into remission, you need to address your problems via personalized knowledge about YOUR body. You need the personalized "KNOW YOURSELF" Asthma Management Protocol to improve quality of your life.

Why personalized protocol?

Majority of asthma management plans focus on optimization of standardized asthma pharmacotherapy tailored for an average patient. Not for you or me. Meanwhile, asthma/COPD can be positively (or negatively) effected by YOUR personal lifestyle factors, primarily by the personalized diet modifications.

Get into remission and gain back up to 4% of FEV1 in a month!

I recommend this simple 3-step personalization protocol because it works. It is the reason I am alive. And it also follows NIH guidelines!


Presented at the HEALCON-2023 conference

and got industry approval!

Read about scientific basis of the protocol in greater details on our partner website: Adjunct Protocol for Asthma Management, or let's look at the highlights of "KNOW YOURSELF" protocol below.

Asthma Management: Diet and Food Intolerances Connection

Our diet is a sum of the foods consumed . It sustains our life. When our bodies do not work well with certain foods, a food intolerance or food allergy may happen. It is estimated that 1/5 of the world population has adverse reactions to their foods. Those foods that our bodies do not agree can cause serious damage!

Managing adverse food reactions is a significant part of the lung disease control. It consists of addressing the immune and non-immune factors contributing to disease exacerbations.

Food allergy (immune-mediated food reaction) plays huge role in asthma. Immune-mediated reactions are usually identified by an allergist using corresponding skin and serological tests. Allergy medications along with some food avoidance are recommended.

Non-immune mediated food intolerance reactions, sometimes called metabolic, are more volatile and even borderline psychosomatic. In general, measures to avoid food culprits result in considerable improvement in asthma symptoms, reduction in drug therapy, and hospital admissions. You need:

  • reliably identify offensive foods with high degree of repeatability,
  • figure out minimal avoidance period to prevent intolerances and thus asthma and COPD exacerbations from reoccurrence.

This is a significant area of the lung disease management which quite often goes unattended! Why? Because controlling food intolerances aspect of your diet and lifestyle is a lengthy process that requires strict discipline. Exclusion protocols literally can take years, cost thousands of $$$ and bring minimal (if not none) outcomes.

Don't worry, I am willing and able to help you to find shortcuts and take the reins! I'm trained to administer and follow-up the North American-tailored version of Daphne LabⓇ BioMetaTests (Italy) that is exclusively available through Montreal-based company Fresh Start Testing™. One test has approximately 2 weeks turn-round. The test assesses your body’s sensitivity to 1,100+ foods, including about 300 North American/Canadian food items!

Daphne LabⓇ BioMetaTests:

  • satisfy needs of 90,000+ clients annually, in more than 80 countries
  • are used in Italian hospitals
  • are ISO-compliant
  • utilize patented bio-spectrophotometry methodology
  • have 94% repeatability and reliability rate
  • are administered only through trained professionals

Asthma Management: Nutrient Levels Connection

Correlation of the levels of several groups of nutrients with asthma management was extensively analyzed. Among these nutrients:

  • Vitamin D
  • Sodium
  • Antioxidants (vitamins A, E, C, and minerals Zinc and Selenium)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

Immediate assessment of nutrient status brings cost-effective answers when you:

  • Have poor results with "gold standard" asthma management protocols
  • Feel stressed, tired, depressed
  • Want to achieve optimal results

Nutri-IQ™ helps instantly identify nutritional gaps or excesses as possible causes for your health problems. I will be happy to administer the Nutri-IQ tests virtually, and discuss with you test findings and their possible effect on your lung disease management.

Asthma Management: Gene Connection

We cannot change the genes we were created with, but we can minimize devastating effects of genetic problems through lifestyle changing. Actually, dietary way of asthma management is a very effective way to affect how our genes can work out (or express themselves) into asthma triggers. That's called epigenetic changes.

Nutrigenomic research that examines the effects of food and its constituents on gene expression, shows that — like a number of pharmaceutical products — food can have beneficial or adverse effects depending on a person’s genotype. It is mind-blowing to understand, first time in your life, how your diet can affect specifics of your internal construction and destruction processes via altering DNA/RNA expression. And how your genes pre-programmed your body for certain drugs to be either super-effective or harmful! That often leads to chronic diseases, including asthma and cancer. Neurotransmitter imbalances occur, resulting in any of a number of psychological conditions as well as neurodevelopmental delays, including autism spectrum disorder. Want to know more?

Epigenetic tests from Canadian research company Nutrigenomix examine your genes to determine if they can trigger food intolerances and other problems, like faulty methylation. These epigenetic tests are the BEST on the market!

  • analysis of 77 genes and more than double polymorphisms (most companies do 30 genes and about 100 polymorphisms)
  • insights into methylations and asthma specifics (MTHFR, COMT, GST, NOS3 genes)
  • insights into nutrient metabolism, food intolerances and sensitivities, and drug effectiveness
  • confirmed 99% accuracy of the tests (most companies do not confirm accuracy)
  • analyzed in Toronto lab using state-of-the-art genetic testing procedures

I will be glad to help you to get Nutrigenomix test done, explain findings, implement recommendations, and even assist with creating the daily menus.

Check if your drugs effectiveness and side effects can be assessed! Start typing generic drug name or drug class. We will display similar drugs, or drugs in this class, that can be analyzed by Nutrigenomix pharmacogenetic test.


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